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(The biggest ever) Empties

Even though blogging has more than taken a back seat in life recently I've for some reason still been collecting all my empties for a post.

The favourite deodorant.

More deodorant - probably from when my favourite wasn't a good price!

More smellies - I promise I don't go through these like it looks like I do, this really is just from a long period of time! I do like the Cien ones as a cheaper alternative but probably wouldn't buy the others again.

Shampoo and conditioner. Nothing exciting, I like the Dove but like how cheap you can get Tresemme on a good deal but can't use it all the time as it dries out my hair and scalp. Aussie was a treat to try and save my hair and I love it but only when it's the right price!

Make up empties do not happen for me often! I finished off two more Rimmel stay matte powders that are my holy grail powder. I like both the Revlon colourstay for combination/oily skin and the L'oreal infallible matte. Have rebought them both. I …

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